Saltwater Dreaming Surf School

Surfboard and Paddleboard Rentals

Surfboard Rental

Please remember surfboards are included in all surfing lessons

Many people after doing 3 lessons feel they want to start practicing on their own, before they do another lesson.

You can rent a surfboard and practice safely where our surf lessons run.

See our prices below


200 baht per hour

400 baht per 1/2 day

600 baht per day

1,500 baht 3 days

2,600 baht per week

Stand Up Paddleboard

300 baht per hour

600 baht per 1/2 day

1,000 baht per day

2,300 baht 3 days

3,200 baht per week

Bodyboards & Skimboards

100 baht per hour

200 baht per 1/2 day

300 baht per day

750 baht 3 days

1,400 baht per week

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