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Saltwater Dreaming Surf School

About Surfing Instructors and Reviews

About Saltwater Dreaming Surf School

Saltwater Dreaming Surf School Phuket has been in operation since 2002.

Learn to surf with the only accredited surf school in Phuket, Thailand run by qualified surfers. Operating now for 18 years, we are the original surf school in the Bang Tao area and we have lots of experience and knowledge to share with our students.

Surfing Lessons are broken down step by step, so everyone can follow and understand.

About Our Surf School Instructors

About Your Head Instructor

Rick Head Surf Instructor

Rick Gamble born in Sydney Australia, has been surfing since the early 70’s, prior to this he joined the junior lifeguards (nippers) at the age of 6. Rick now resides in Phuket and runs a busy surf shop and surf school.

Rick has free surfed extensively throughout Australia and Asia, first visiting Bali in 1983. In 2001 he was a semi finalist and quarter finalist in 2000 in the Quiksilver Phuket Contest. Not driven by competing, Rick surfs for the pure stoke and enthusiastically shares this stoke with his students.

Previously he was and still is a registered nurse in Australia and during his time in Thailand spent 7 years working in management positions in 5 star hotels.

Now accredited by the NSSIA as a full surf instructor and surf school. The team with a 100% success rate, will have you up and surfing in no time.

Our Surf School Instructors

Jai Learn to Surf Instructor

Learn to Surf Instructor

Kay Learn to Surf Instructor

Learn to Surf Instructor

Jimmy Learn to Surf Instructor

Learn to Surf Instructor

Surf School Accreditation

Surf School Feedback

Check our customer’s surf school reviews on Tripadvisor

Lots more reviews below

Our average rating is 5.0 stars (based on 53 ratings)

Great Family Day

Thanks for the surf lessons. We had a great family time yesterday.

Don (Thailand)

Great Experience

It has been a great experience learning to surf with your school and getting to know you and your team:) Thank you again for your kind hospitality.

I plan to come back in September

Ying (Thailand)

Just Loved It!

Learn to surf student

We just took 2-day beginner classes and we just loved it! Rick (head instructor) taught us a lot and we got to practice a lot during our sessions.
Everybody was so friendly and helpful. We plan to take more classes in the near future. Surely recommend it to everybody, especially beginners like us!

Jane (Thailand)

Great Lesson!

Thanks so much for the great lesson!!

Jessica (USA)

Professional Guidance!

Thank you for all you did for a beginner like me!

Sure I will try to find opportunities to practice and come again for your professional guidance! Thank you!

Ni Lin (China)

Full of Fun

Thanks for the lesson. It’s full of fun and we’ll definitely try again when we are back home.

See you next time when we come again.

Vincent (USA)

Extraordinary Experience

Hi Rick and your team, Thanks for giving me a extraordinary experience to learn how to surf and enjoying more the ocean!

Joyce (hong kong)

Awesome Lessons!

Learn to surf student

Thank you for two awesome lessons! ?

Yuan (China)

Wonderful Time

I had such a wonderful time today. Just a great way to spend the day. Hope to see you again.

Jill (Australia)

Awesome Teachers!

Thank you for this time and hope to see you again, give my best to K as well, you’re both awesome teachers! ?

Hannah (Sweden)

Great Lessons..Very Good Teacher!

I left Phuket a week ago and i didn’t have time to say goodbye.

I would like to tell you thank you for the great surf lessons. I really enjoyed it and you are a very good teacher! I Hope to continue to surf ?

I hope to come again

Best regards,

Sarah (Germany)

Learnt a Lot and Enjoyed!

Many thanks to you and also Kay for the lessons for past few days. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed ?


Gwean (Singapore)

Thank You

im just writing to say thank u for the classes and i hope i can use the knowledge to enjoy surf around the world. Have a great year with your family and friends. Good waves and blue sky in Phuket. Thanks,

Luciana (Portugal)

I’m Addicted!

I had a great time learning to surf and now I’m addicted to it. I’ll be back again, and on the next visit I’ll stay somewhere near Bang Tao Beach.

Thanks for the surfing lessons, your a great teacher. ?


Kayla (Germany)

Thank You

Thanks for lessons. It was good to be able to stand up. I’ll try and get a third lesson in January or February once settled back into New Zealand.


Grant (New Zealand)

Fantastic Surf Lessons!

Learn to surf student

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic surf lessons you gave me at Bang Tao Beach. I really enjoyed it!

Attached you will find some pictures.

Take care!

Best regards,

Jennie (Sweden)

Wanna Go Surfing Again

Annie Learning to Surf

Now I´m back to Norway (actually almost a month :P).

I wanna go surfing again in Phuket when I go to Thailand next time ?

Annie (Norway)

Great Surf Lesson

Nice meeting you and thanks for the great surf lesson last Thursday.

Katherine (Germany)

We Had A Blast!

We had a blast! Thanks, Rick!

Christy (Australia)

Experience That Will Stay With Me Forever!

Learn to surf student

Some experiences are forgotten, some are remembered, and others become a part of us. Thanks again for a great lesson and an experience that will stay with me forever.

Time to hit the waves in Okinawa!


Evan (USA/Japan)

Great Lessons

Thanks again for the great lessons, I’ll make sure to sign up for more next time in Phuket.

Chris (USA)

Great Time!

Thanks Rick. We had a great time today!

Nate (USA)

School Is The Best

I know, your school is the best, so can i learn school surf with Rick?

Safina (China)

We had a great time

Just to convey our thanks for the lessons… unanimously agreed that we had a great time.


Dan (USA)

Perfect Classes!

I would like to say thank you we are very pleased. They were perfect classes!

Alexey and Yana (The Netherlands)

Great Experience!

Thank you for the great experience! It was really fun.

Lots of thanks,

Yana (Germany)

Learnt a Lot!

Thanks for the lessons! I have learned a lot and will continue another holiday with surfing.

All the best and see you a next time.

Ps: I will certainly recommend you to other people!

Monique (Holland)

Great lessons! Great teachers!

Did the 5 day programme, Rick and the team really taught us everything we need to know to be able to surf. Great lessons! Great teachers!

John (New Zealand)

Just Loved It!

Learn to surf student

We just took 2-day beginner classes and we just loved it! Rick (head instructor) taught us a lot and we got to practice a lot during our sessions. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. We plan to take more classes in the near future. Surely recommend it to everybody, especially beginners like us!

Jane (Thailand)

Amazing Surf Experience!

Learn to surf student

We had a super fantastic time and amazing surfing experience with Rick and his crews. The lessons were just amazing with both theory and in-action!! Definitely go back again!!!

May (Thailand)

Great Experience!

Learn to surf student

My husband and I were able to take two lessons with the crew from saltwater dreaming.

They left us wanting for several more lessons with them–we just ran out of time unfortunately!

Considering lessons?

Do it with this local shop!

They are very kind, knowledgeable, and have great equipment for you to use.

Thank you again for a great 2 day experience!

Heather (USA)

Wonderful Family Time!

My 2 day surf lesson with my elder daughter (for our original plan) turned to be a wonderful family time in the second day as my wife and the younger daughter asked to join on the second day.

Rick is licensed instructor so we have no doubt on him. Khun Jai, who was taking care the kids, was the highlight for kids.

She worked very well with the kids and made sure that the kids was going to have a good surfing time.

Don (Thailand)

Definitely Recommend It!

Learn to surf student

Great experience learning surf from scratch, thanks to the good advices from the instructor (Rick) and his team. I definitely recommend it.
Wide choice of surfing equipment, accessories and clothing available at the surfshop.

Thomas (France)

Friendly and Patient!

Booked 2 lessons for my 7 and 9 year old kids. The instructors were friendly and patient.

My kids enjoyed this experience very much and wanted some more.


Christine (Hong Kong)

Very Kind and Patient!

Learn to surf student

Had a great lesson today with a lot of fun �

The teachers are very kind and patient!

Would definitely recommend �

Natasha (Germany)

Amazing surf lessons

Learn to surf student

Really good surf lessons given by Rick who is great at explaining everything and very patient and willing to help throughout the lessons!

Went with friends and was great fun!!

Highly recommend for beginners and for those who have had previous lessons.

Thank you for a great 5 days 🙂

Elaine (Scotland)


Best week surfing with rick and his team (VERY good value for money).

So friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Can’t recommend enough.

Ella (UK)

Great instructor!

Instructor and patient and made us feel comfortable.

We could stand on our first lesson!

Highly recommend!

Crystal (USA)

Great, professional outfit

Rick explained everything we needed to know before hitting the water and was very calm and patient.

I took my son along and we both loved it, despite the torrential rain!

We both managed to stand up and we will certainly take surfing up as something we can do together.

Thanks Rick and the team, you deserve every success!

Rob (Krabi)

Excellent instructors, highly recommended

Excellent instructors, very patient, clear instructions, very safe, my girlfriend doesn’t know how to swim but still be able to stand on the board on the first lesson, price is right.

They provide everything so no need to bring many things, wear swimsuit is ok.

If wear glasses remember to buy a strip at their shop to avoid losing it.

A little bit far from Patong beach but we drove to their shop so not a big problem for us.

Edward (China)

Great Intro to Surfing, No Hype

As many of the other reviews attest, Rick is a great instructor.

He spent 30 minutes with me talking about surfing and waves and beach dynamics before we even went in the water.

Unlike the other surf establishments I saw on Bangtao Bay that appear to just rent out boards to travelers and send them on their way into the waves, Rick takes the time to teach you to surf.

I was up and surfing on the board with 10-15 minutes, thanks to his attentiveness.

I will plan to spend another day (or two) on the water with him during our next visit to Bangtao Bay.

Paul (China)

Best Surf Instructor!!!

kids learn to surf

What to say? My daughter who is 12 and my friends son who is 15 were signed up for surf lessons on Bangtao Beach with Rick from Saltwater Dreaming.

He showed an amazing ability to connect with young people.

He was relaxed and easy going, and….. amazingly, he had both kids standing on the birds on their first wave!!!

I would recommend Rick anytime!!

Next time we are back in Phuket, my daughter will be back looking to get Rick to take her out surfing for sure!!

Can’t thank you enough!!

Mike (Norway)

Enjoyed Every Single Lesson

That I had with Rick and his team.

The lessons before each surf session is technical and highly informative.

Rick’s team are all very helpful and attentive.

I caught many waves because of them, and for that I am very grateful.

Even in the stormiest of conditions, Rick’s team made us all feel very safe.

Had so much fun!

Chris (Hong Kong)

Phuket Highlight!

Rick and his team are professional, guaranteed to have an awesome experience.

3 or 5 day surf lessons are highly recommend, you’ll be catching green waves in no time.

Saltwater Dreaming Surf School is by far the best in Phuket.

Thanks guys.

Kosi (South Africa)

Loved it! Great lessons, wonderful instructor & team!

Learn to surf student

We just got back from 2-day beginner sessions and we loved it!

Rick (head instructor) and his team was just amazing.

They were very good and certainly know what they are talking about!

They patiently taught us and helped us (so much) throughout the sessions.

We will definitely go back soon!

Jane (Thailand)

Great surf lessons, easy to understand and practice

Rick and his team will train you what ever you level is for a great surf session.

I have tried other in Phuket and I have to admit that Saltwater got the most comprehensive and pedagogue trainers.

William (UK)

Excellent surfing experience with Rick

My wife and I got 3 days of wonderful lessons with Rick and his team in late August.

It’s marvellous that we could even stand on the surf board during the first lesson.

Rick is a very experienced instructor and helped us catch great waves to ride.

We had great fun for the 3 days lesson and would definitely surf again with Rick’s team next time in Phuket.

Vincent (Hong Kong)

What a great day/way to learn

Rick is just a wonderful teacher and I can highly recommend his school for any new surfers.

This was so much fun I wish I had sorted this school out my first day in Phuket and made arrangements to spend several days learning to surf.

I was able to stand up multiple times during my first lesson and felt very comfortable and safe with Rick and his staff helping me.

I feel I have the basics under my belt and can’t wait to get home and show off my new skills.

Jill (USA)

Fantastic! Great teacher

Learn to surf student

I have had a few lessons with Rick over the past few seasons and thought it was time to thank him.

He is a very professional surf coach who starts off by teaching the basics to give you an understanding of the waves, water and surf before getting into the water.

He was always patient and from the first day I could stand up and ride a wave

Now I go back for a session and still he can really help me each time

Highly recommended!

David (Australia)

Easily the Most Fun I’ve Had at the Beach… Ever!

Saltwater Dreaming Surf School

Lessons here are incredible. In under an hour Rick had me paddling out for waves, standing up on the board, and having a blast!

The coaching here goes far beyond the technical aspects of surfing and gets really deep into respecting the ocean and embracing the sport.

Fantastic introduction to surfing, I’m hooked… I’ll be returning shortly to pick up a board of my own!

Jason (Columbia)

Great activity for kids

Most people don’t come to Thailand to go surfing, but Saltwater Dreaming operates in a very calm and beautiful beach area which is great for teaching people how to surf.

Rick, the owner, doesn’t just give you a board and send you out there… he takes his time and really teaches people how to paddle, catch waves, and stand up.

He also teaches kids to respect the ocean and beach environment.

Don (USA)

Super beginner surf lessons and professional instructors

Learning To Surf

Had the best experience learning to surf with saltwater dreaming.

The conditions are perfect for beginners located on bang thao beach.

We quickly learn how to stand on the board, making the learning fun and at the same time progressing through the lessons.

So thanks to Saltwater Dreaming for making our vacation fun and memorable.

Lise (France)

Awesome Experience

Thank you guys for a great experience! It was awesome!!

Kenneth Drids (USA)

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